Bay Panelbeaters

Rust Proofing & Rust Repairs

Rust Proofing
Undercoating and spray-on rust proofing insulates the metal on your vehicle from moisture and oxygen, by covering it with a protective coating.

We offer rust proofing to enhance and extend the life of certain areas of the car. Rust proofing is extremely beneficial after repair work, when acar has salt damage or when a vehicle has been imported from overseas.

We can also apply high quality re-texture products to protect the underbody of your vehicle.

Rust Repairs
Whether it's a preventative measure or you have failed a WOF due to rust, we can take care of your rust repairs for you.

Our tauranga panelbeaters can cut away areas where rust is present and weld new steel - giving your vehicle new levels of strength and safety. We offer competitive prices and a fast turnaround.

We can also repair rusty screen openings and then have the glass reinstalled by a leading Tauranga Auto- Glass repairer.